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Contractor for Koper-Divača bridge gets another chance


2TDK is thus honouring the decision of the National Review Commission, which said 2TDK had been right to doubt one of the references listed by the Markomark Nival and Ekorel consortium in the Glinščica Valley bridge bid, but added that the tender should not have been annulled after all.

According to the commission, the law stipulates that discovering a subcontractor is not capable of executing a deal or that it used a false record of references, requires of the contracting authority to call on the contractor to find a replacement.

2TDK said it was surprised by the decision, having followed past practice and procurement legislation as a whole as opposed to a single article, but it announced it would proceed as ordered.

Markomark Nival and Ekorel had initially been selected to build a 170-metre bridge over Glinščica Valley for EUR 8 million, significantly less than rival bids by consortia led by Kolektor CGP (EUR 13.5 million) and Godina (EUR 14.3 million).

The infrastructure needed to cross the Glinščica Valley is cofunded by the EU. Missing the December 2021 deadline for the completion of the project would result in the European funding needing to be returned. To catch the deadline, work would need to begin in mid 2020 at the latest.


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