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Public broadcaster warns of escalating attacks on its staff


"The slinging of mud on the work of journalists, creators and the public broadcaster with the intent to discredit and curtail freedom of expression is a demonstration of pressure and desire to interfere in independent editorial policy and as such unacceptable," the broadcaster said in a written statement.

It added that such grave attacks undermined media freedom, while their unprecedented intensity and manner expose a serious threat to free and independent journalism and the foundations of democracy.

The broadcaster called for enhancing the culture of public dialogue in the country and preserving the independence and autonomy of journalism, while regretting a complete loss of professional solidarity in some cases.

"Despite the brutal attacks, indecent pressure and insulting comments by individuals and interest groups, RTV Slovenija is determined to continue to do its work independently, professionally, credibly and without bias." The broadcaster has referred the threats against its employees to the police.

The latest warning of the attacks comes after the Journalists' Association (DNS) and the Culture Ministry condemned attacks on journalists reporting about alleged funding from circles around Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban of media with ties to the Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS).


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