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Three is a magical number, isn't it? Many essential things come in threes: the Father - the Son - the Holy Spirit; Hell - Purgatory - Heaven; Id - Ego - Superego; legislative - executive - judicial; bios - operating system - application; etc. Even Triglav, Slovenia's Mount Olympus, has three peaks. It could be said that all divine things come as a threesome, though a poet might add "no wonder people only come in pairs". Anyway, the magic number popped up again while we were discussing the best ways to keep you refreshed during a warm August. The first option, the caves, is the least weather dependent. It is no secret that Slovenia boasts a rich underworld, with a number of superb caves open to tourists. As an adjunct to the caves, there are also a few abandoned mines that show another side of the country and are a well worth a visit. Liquid refreshments, or more precisely our waterways, are our second option. We have excluded the ocean, preferring instead to focus on our inland waters - our lakes and rivers, most of which are suitable for swimming; which is, of course, not the only thing you can do in water. For our third option, we take you to the stars. Well, not quite, but definitely to the stars of the Slovenian landscape, our hills and mountains. As mountaineering was presented in a previous issue, this time we'll take you to the mountains that are easy to access and explore, either by car or by a cable-car. Na zdravje! (J.T.)


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