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Bled has been named one of the Best Fishing Destinations in Europe for 2020!


Let's start with the obvious: Bled is very, very pretty. This pleasant tourist town nestled in the Julian Alps looks straight out of a fairytale. You can fish from the banks of the lake, but you'll be too busy taking in the view to notice the Carp biting on your bait. Instead, head to the hills, where the pristine waters are full of legendary game fish.

The main target species are Trout. This is one of the only places on earth where you can catch wild Marble Trout - a feather in the cap of any serious fly fisher. Brown Trout also live here, as do non-native species like Rainbow and Brook Trout. Then there's Huchen, a rare, giant, Salmon-like fish whose closest relative lives in Mongolia. It's easy to see why fly fishing in Slovenia is so popular.

Slovenia is a small country with a lot to see. Bled itself has lots of outdoor activities like zip lining or paddleboarding. The capital, Ljubljana, is just a half hour's drive away, and is well worth a visit. In a single day, you can hike alpine trails, stroll city streets, and swim in crystal-clear seas. It's essentially three different holidays rolled into one.

Here's a full list of places that made the list:

  •     Gibraltar
  •     Reykjavik, Iceland
  •     Ponta Delgada, Azores
  •     Lleida, Catalonia
  •     Galway, Ireland
  •     Tenerife, Canary Islands
  •     Bled, Slovenia
  •     Stockholm, Sweden
  •     Cagliari, Sardinia



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