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Zorčič appointed speaker of parliament


After being elected, Zorčič expressed gratitude for the support and for being given the responsibility to continue building the legacy created by all the speakers who had come before him.

Addressing MPs, he pointed out that he would not be "building parliamentary democracy in the next two years single-handedly but in cooperation with all MPs".

He called for respecting laws and regulations and strengthening dialogue. He also thanked Židan and Matej Tonin, New Slovenia (NSi) leader, who served as speaker prior to Židan, for their work and efforts.

Talking to the press, Zorčič said that he would lead the parliament in the spirit of open dialogue and respect, highlighting that he would promote stronger cooperation with the government and the adoption of the code of conduct for MPs. The latter's proposal is already prepared, he added.

The 42-year-old was formally nominated for speaker of parliament by 48 MPs of the incoming coalition of four parties a day after Janša received the mandate to form a centre-right government.

Before the vote, the National Party (SNS) MPs and the two ethnic minority MPs expressed support for him as well, however the outcome does not indicate this support, with eleven ballots being rejected.

The SMC believes that Zorčič will perform his new duty successfully based on his previous achievements and experience, highlighting his willingness to cooperate with all MPs regardless of their political affiliation.

He failed to garner support from the newly-formed opposition though, with Social Democrat (SD) member Bojana Muršič saying that the party considered Zorčič a cooperative and respectful MP, but the SD thought it right that "in the current political circumstances he finds political trust in the new coalition".

Zorčič, a lawyer who was first elected to parliament in 2014, got his bachelor's degree from the Ljubljana Faculty of Law in 2003. Before he joined SMC and became an MP, he worked five years as lawyer and five years at the District State Prosecutor's Office in Krško.

Meanwhile, fellow MPs endorsed today SDS member Janez Moškrič, the party's former Ljubljana city councillor, to replace Janša as an MP after the SDS leader became prime minister-designate.


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