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Slo daily newspaper says Eu Commission is being forged in crisis


The first 100 days of the Commission was marked by presentations of ambitious plans, however, these struck on grim reality.

"There is a mantra that the EU should be using the 'language of power'. But in the face of the first bigger international crisis, the escalation of tensions between Iran and the US at the start of the year, the EU remained on the margins."

What is more, Brussels was surprised by the recent developments on the Greek-Turkish border although there had been indications of problems.

"The migration and asylum reform ... has been at a dead end for years because member states do not agree on the most vital aspects."

Moreover, the bloc does not have a clear course because neither France nor Germany have a clear idea for the EU's development in the future. And "it is impossible to make a change in Brussels if you don't have the backing of Berlin and Paris."

What is more, the negotiations on the bloc's multi year budget indicate that member states do not have much interest in investing in the Commission's ambitions and crisis response.

The coronavirus spreading and the escalation on the Greek-Turkish border have put the European Commission into crisis mode.

What is more, the efforts to address future relations with the UK may become a great problem by mid-year. Moreover, the EU does not have a clear strategy on Russia, while the fate of the trans-Atlantic alliance remains uncertain, the Slovenian daily Delo says. 


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