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Cargo curbs causing long tailbacks on border crossings


On the motorway towards the Dolenjska region, the tailback of traffic between Drnovo and the Obrežje border crossing with Croatia is 12 kilometres long. Drivers are waiting more than 15 hours.

A 7-kilometre tailback is reported at the Gruškovje border crossing with Croatia and the waiting time to exit the country is more than eight hours, according to the Traffic and Information Centre.

All vehicles are waiting five hours to exit to Croatia at Zavrč, while in Središče ob Dravi at least a three-hour waiting time is reported.

At Metlika, a one-hour waiting time is reported and a two-kilometre tailback is reported at the Dolga Vas border crossing with Hungary.

The ban that was imposed for trains, buses and lorries at 10pm yesterday does not apply for shipments of protective gear, medicines, humanitarian aid and mail packages.

Hungary and Croatia have closed their borders for all vehicles coming from Italy.

All small border crossings with Italy are closed. The border crossings Rateče, Robič, Vrtojba, Fernetiči, Krvavi Potok and Škofije remain open.


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