The Slovenia Times

Daily "Delo" urges people to show solidarity to others


"Today the streets of Slovenian towns will surely be even emptier than on Friday. Public transport will come to a halt, children will not go to school, those who can will work from home.

"Even bar owners and workers from the services sector will stay home, because obviously state-imposed bans and fines will be required to make people understand that the situation is serious and that now is not the time to socialise."

The First and Second World Wars radically changed the world, our ancestors were forced to leave their homes to go to brutal fights, but all we have to do is stay home, with our families, Delo says.

"This is a small price to pay to protect the elderly and the vulnerable," the paper says and urges citizens to help those who will have to go to work by looking after their children, and the old and the ill, who are not allowed to leave their home, with their groceries.


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