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EU should limit prices of protective equipment


Gantar presented the measures taken so far to contain the spread of the new coronavirus, including on the border with Italy, where the authorities conduct health checks of passengers, and where passengers and cargo transport is restricted.

He also pointed to Slovenia setting an upper limit for prices of certain protective and medical equipment, including face masks, goggles, gloves and hand sanitizers.

The minister called on the European Commission introduce the measure at the EU level, as the prices of these products on the market are increasing rapidly, the Health Ministry said in a press release.

Interior Minister Hojs assessed that Slovenia had introduced the "most appropriate and proportionate measures" to contain the spread of the infection among EU member states, and had thus refrained from introducing controls at the internal borders.

He rejected the claims that Slovenia closed its borders for transit of cargo vehicles and stressed that there was a lack of coordination at the EU level.

Hojs pointed to Slovenia's diplomatic effort to organise a humanitarian convoy to get almost 800 lorries and passengers on two buses, stranded in Slovenia due to border checks, to their destination countries.

He called on other member states to use such a manner of organised and controlled transportation to enable the delivery of food and medical and protective equipment, and to enable passengers to return home.

The minister proposed that the European Commission coordinate such convoys at the EU level, the Interior Ministry said.

At the videoconference, which discussed medical checks at internal and external borders and healthcare measures in member states, the ministers called for a joint response and coordinated measures at the EU and national levels.

They stressed that measures, in particular those at borders, must be proportionate and non-discriminatory, and that they had to be taken in cooperation with the neighbouring countries, which needed to be timely informed.

The ministers added that despite the limitations of the freedom of movement, undisturbed transportation and delivery of goods needed to be secured, the Slovenian ministries said.


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