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Number of news show viewers has doubled during epidemic


The pollster has pointed out that this was not a ratings survey but simply a poll asking people whether they watched more television and followed other media more closely than they usually do.

The number of people aged between 18 and 64 watching the news shows on POP TV has increased by 118%, while the number watching news shows on TV Slovenija has increased by 113%, the poll suggests. The number of people watching the news on Planet TV, Nova24 and foreign broadcasters has also increased.

Moreover, the demand for online news service has increased by 84%, according to the poll. Meanwhile, 56% of the respondents said they now had more time to watch movies and 46% said they had more time to watch TV series. 23% said they spent more time reading.

Mediana said in the press release that the poll showed that the media play a vital role in society and that it was very important, even socially responsible, for advertisers to place ads in media whose survival depends on it.

The survey was conducted on Tuesday and Wednesday, while Mediana did not provide information on the number of people surveyed.


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