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Janša warns lack of joint action potentially fateful for EU


He said adequate and timely action was needed to mitigate the social and economic consequences of the crisis. "Considering the extraordinary circumstances, Slovenia has endorsed the initiative for a common debt instrument," Janša was quoted in a Government Communications Office press release on Friday.

Slovenia is among a group of nine countries supporting so-called coronabonds, a common debt instrument issued by a European institution. North European member states have so far been opposed to such a move.

In his first reaction to the teleconference of EU leaders late last night, Janša wrote on Twitter that "with great difficulty, we have finally slightly accelerated the preparation of a symmetric response for the entire EU. Hope springs eternal. Coronabond."

During the session, he tweeted that "for a while longer we will have to rely primarily on ourselves."

The summit concluded with instructions for eurozone finance ministers to draw up proposals for fiscal action within two weeks, highlighting that concerted measures were required to help companies and households return back to normal. The EU leaders welcomed action taken so far by the European Central Bank (ECB) and the European Commission.

Janša welcomed the measures taken by EU institutions and urged the Commission to accelerate procedures and the supply of medical and protective equipment in the framework of a common public contract.

He also highlighted the strategic aspect of protective equipment during this period of crisis, which he said was as important as ammunition is during war, the press release reads.


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