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Kopp new sole provider of maritime piloting services


A decree to set up a public company as the sole provider of maritime piloting services in the port was adopted by the previous government last month, with the new government concluding the contract with Kopp, a company established and operated by state asset custodian Slovenian Sovereign Holding (SSH), on Friday.

Under the decree, the contract is concluded for up to ten years, the Government Communication Office said in yesterday's press release.

Opposed to the government's plan to change the provider of maritime piloting services, Piloti had asked the Constitutional Court to issue an injunction on the implementation of the decree. However, the government yesterday suggested in its replay to Piloti's petition, the court should reject its proposal.

Piloti believes there is no public interest to monopolize maritime piloting services. But the Marjan Ĺ arec government argued when adopting the decree it wanted to provide undisturbed maritime piloting services, and avoid navigation safety risks, pollution and economic damage.

The change of the provider comes a year after Piloti employees threatened with a strike, demanding that the management provide greater safety at work through additional hirings and pilot boats, as well as higher wages.


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