The Slovenia Times

Responsible outdoor exercise should not be frowned upon


"In a time when maintaining a healthy immune system is essential, some regard sportspeople almost as criminals. That kind of perception is even reinforced by politicians' statements that restrict isolation to merely being stuck in between four walls, and hysterical reporting by some media that demonise any kind of people's outdoor movement in their search for dramatic news."

The paper says that no one is opposing the need for self-isolation of individuals or shared households to stem the spread, but neither should anyone restrict responsible outdoor sports activities. In times of crisis, exercising boosts immune system and is encouraged by medical experts.

"It is understandable that the authorities have banned group sports during the pandemic (...) as well as urged people not to perform risky activities" to prevent any additional strain on healthcare capacities, but they should not have closed down easy hiking trails or frowned upon cyclists and walkers who heed social distancing rules.

"We've come to a bizarre situation where it is acceptable to walk a dog but not a person."

The decision-makers should take into consideration that extended lockdowns affect mental as well as physical health and act accordingly, says the commentary, headlined Persecution of Movement, adding that the unwarranted municipality ban would only cram people into their own municipal units.

Moreover, most citizens are abiding by restrictions, a trend reflected in relevant data, says Delo.


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