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No major violations of new movement restrictions


Police are patrolling public surfaces and checking passengers at motorways and other roads. Officers are also responding to reports of alleged violations from citizens.

People are mostly honouring restrictions, police say.

Since the new movement restrictions stepped into force on 30 March, confining citizens to their home municipalities, 836 warnings have been issued and in just over 1,000 cases violations were reported to the health inspectorate, which can issue fines.

Police officers working on the border have not been transferred inland yet to help check compliance with movement restrictions, as there has been no need for this so far, said acting Police Commissioner Anton Travner as he visited the Fernetiči border crossing with Italy today.

"At this point, Slovenian police has the situation under control but as the disease progresses the situation will surely change," he said.

He believes there is not enough police officers to respond to multiple challenges, related to the new coronavirus on the one hand and the issue of migrations on the other.

According to him, the army could be very helpful in controlling the migrations to help police. Since the entire population is becoming infected with coronavirus, Travner expects police officers to get infected as well. "Perhaps even in greater numbers, because they are much more exposed than ordinary population."

Travner hopes 700-800 troops could help out police exclusively on the border in dealing with migrants.

About 1,000 police officers are conducting tasks related to movement restrictions due to coronavirus around the country on a daily basis.


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