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State borrows another EUR 2.25 billion, Finance reports


The government has issued anew a 10-year bond worth one billion euro, increased the amount of a bond issue due in August 2045 by EUR 100 million and of a recent three-year bond issue, due in March 2023, by EUR 1.15 billion.

Finance reports that, according to the Dow Jones & Company financial information firm, all three order books have been closed, and demand strongly exceeds supply. Precise interest rate are not known.

Slovenia already sold a ten-year bond issue worth EUR 1.5 billion at the beginning of the year.

Since the coronavirus epidemic was declared in mid-March, the state has expanded the amounts certain bond issues and also issued more than half a billion worth in treasury bonds of different maturity. It has borrowed a total of EUR 5.4 billion this year.


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