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Pahor calls for democratic solutions on date of first elections


Pahor said the elections held on Palm Sunday in 1990, which were won by the DEMOS coalition led by Jože Pučnik, were crucial for Slovenia's independence.

"I believe we would not have founded our own country if there was not for those democratic and multi-party elections. Democracy has thus become the leverage of our statehood and remains the precondition for our versatile development," Pahor wrote.

The unity of the nation and support for the idea of independence was formed only through a challenging and intense democratic debate, he added.

Turning to the current health crisis, the president said that democratic debate was the best way to find solutions in this situation as well. "It is perfectly ok for each of us to have our own views on everything, including the tackling of this crisis. But it is important to strive for unity in the democratic debate."

According to the president, the time will come "when we will celebrate our victory over the pandemic and its worrying economic, social and political consequences". This battle will probably be even harder than the one during the global economic crisis ten years ago, but "together we will succeed".

A ceremony was planned at the Presidential Palace today to mark the anniversary of the first democratic election, but it was cancelled because of the epidemic.


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