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Minister Kustec unable to say when schools could reopen


The ministerial showed countries hold very different views on when to reopen schools, with some, including the gravely affected Spain, arguing in favour of starting already at the beginning of May, Kustec told the Slovenian press.

The minister was not yet able to say when this could happen in Slovenia, stressing it would depend on an expert assessment that this could be done safely.

Kustec, who added EU ministers were united in the view that performance grading needed to be kind and motivating in the current circumstances, announced Friday would bring a decision on whether to hold the nation-wide exams in Slovenia for sixth and ninth grade primary school children, which are usually held in May.

A decision has already been made in favour of holding the secondary school-leaving exams, although probably later than originally scheduled, meaning not before June.

Meanwhile, during today's ministerial, Kustec placed special attention on the need for equality when organising remote schooling during the pandemic. She highlighted Slovenia's positive experience with donations that allowed computers and other necessary equipment to be provided for all pupils.


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