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Slovenians quite optimistic about coronavirus situation


In comparison, the share of those assessing that the situation was improving stood at almost 90% between 6 and 8 April, 66% a week earlier and at 50% at the end of March.

In the latest survey, carried out between 13 and 15 April among 850 people, 55% of respondents said they found the measures to contain the virus just right, which is the same as a week earlier.

Meanwhile, the share of those finding them too harsh rose from 26% to 31%. On the other hand, 14% of respondents find the measures not strict enough. A week earlier, the share of the latter was at 19%.

Most of the respondents are still concerned about the spreading of the virus, but their share decreased from 78% to 73% in a week. At the end of March, more than 80% of the people were concerned.

The respondents are most concerned about their family and the economy. More than half of them also fear that the current situation will last a long time. About 12% are afraid for their job.

The situation is unpleasant and tiring for some 37% of respondents, while 35% find it acceptable or bearable. About 20% of respondents find the situation normal given the circumstances, 4% find it critical and chaotic at times and 1% think it is completely hopeless.


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