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Changes to first corona package relax eligibility conditions


The changes to the first corona legislative package, which has been in effect since 11 April, were adopted by the government Tuesday evening and are to be fast-tracked through parliament.

Presenting the changes, government consultant Ivan Simič said on Wednesday that the government had taken into account a number of remarks it had received.

One of the main changes is the relaxation of conditions for employers who apply for state-funded pay for furloughed workers. Initially, it was available to those who estimated that their revenue would drop by 20% compared to the same period last year, but has now been lowered to 10%.

Moreover, this measure will also be available to humanitarian organisations and organisations representing the disabled, as well as small companies in the insurance and finance sectors.

The act initially stated that workers could return to work for seven consecutive days in a month, which has now been changed to seven days in a month, not necessary consecutive.

The changes also entail that monthly basic income be available to sole proprietors whose revenue is estimated to drop 10% and no longer 20% over the same period year before.

What is more, a lump-sum solidarity bonus, similar to that already enacted for the pensioners (EUR 130-300), will now also be available to farmers over the age of 65 with low income.

Moreover, those who were made redundant after Slovenia declared epidemic on 12 March will be eligible for EUR 513.64 gross monthly under the changes.

A lump-sum aid for students will be available to part-time students under the changes. A similar lump-sum aid will also be available to those who receive parental benefit, people who care for family members full-time and foster parents.

Moreover, the changes introduce vouchers to help the tourism sector. This means that travel agencies will be able to issue vouchers to consumers who had paid for a holiday they could not take due to the global pandemic. Unless the consumer redeems the voucher in 24 months, they will be able to demand their money back.

The changes also entail that VAT will not have to be paid from personal protective equipment delivery.

In order to boost investment, the changes are also to speed up the issuing of building permits and simplify administrative procedures for construction.


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