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Slovenian and German FMs urge joint solution to travel


Today Germany extended the measure under which its citizens are recommended not to engage in any non-urgent travel by at least 14 June.

In the meantime, the country would thus like to find a common travel solution with European partners by the summer, Maas said.

The opening of borders depends on how the pandemic develops in individual countries, and there is also a risk of a second wave.

This is way Logar stressed that "one should be aware that opening up borders also has an impact on other countries".

He said this was no time for likeable solutions but for ones based on epidemiological data. He also warned that relaxing restrictions too fast could have enormous consequences.

The two ministers highlighted the role of solidarity and cooperation, with Maas saying unity and solidarity could be increasingly noticed in the EU after initially quite different reactions to the crisis.

The German minister moreover considers the EU holding a summit with Western Balkan countries, even if it takes place online, very important.

Maas recalled the EU had mobilised aid for the region as soon as the coronavirus epidemic broke out. "Here we showed them that they can also rely on us in hard times."

Logar and Maas said the programme of the presidency if the EU - Germany, Portugal and Slovenia form a trio to preside one after another between 1 July 2020 and the end of 2021 - would be somewhat adjusted to the coronavirus pandemic. Restarting the economy and optimising crisis management would thus be two of the priorities.

"This trio of EU presiding countries is faced with bigger challengers," said Logar, noting the same three countries chaired the EU at the end of the 2000s, when Slovenia chaired the EU for the first time.

The Foreign Ministry also said Logar's online meeting with Maas was a replacement for his visit to Berlin after he became foreign minister in mid-March.

With the meeting, Logar highlight the role the new Slovenian government attributes to political and economic tries with Germany as Slovenia's most important trade partner. The pair also urged further strengthening economic cooperation between Slovenia and Germany.


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