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Opposition questions reasoning behind easing lockdown


The Marjan Šarec List (LMŠ), the largest opposition party, said that restrictions must be imposed and lifted based on expert opinion and data.

"Without proper communication and arguments the feeling is that we don't have reasonable conduct but we follow the emotional reasons of the prime minister. Even the shutdown came all of a sudden and without a forethought, now we're opening up following the same principle," LMŠ deputy Jerca Korče twitted.

The party said that the public was not acquainted with the criteria or clear professional arguments the government's decisions were based on.

Party leader Marjan Šarec urged the government via his Facebook account to present its plans for the path out of the lockdown. "We don't want everything to open up at once, we want to learn about the plans (if there are) so that people can prepare. Both those who offer services and all customers."

Similarly, the Social Democrats (SD) and the Alenka Bratušek Party (SAB) urged the government and the National Institute of Public Health to draw up detailed instructions for businesses and other service providers. They also want decisions to be based on expert arguments.

"Not only is this important for protecting people's health but also for preserving and boosting trust in the urgency of different and restrictive conduct in the current specific circumstances," said the SD.

SAB in particular hailed the lifting of the ban on movement outside the municipality of residence, a measure that is being examined by the Constitutional Court.

The Left urged caution when lifting coronavirus controls. Party leader Luka Mesec warned that the epidemic is not over yet and that a second wave of infections could follow if social distancing and other safety measures are not observed, something that he said had been experienced by several countries that eased measures.

A second peak would in his opinion be a "present of the authoritarians in power who had already tried to use the first wave of the epidemic to introduce measures that would curtail democracy and freedom in the country".

The Left announced it would do everything in its power to prevent Slovenia from becoming a "Chinese-styled digital dictatorship" in the time before a vaccine or cure against the novel coronavirus became available.


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