The Slovenia Times

Finance says businesses are waking to new reality


Some may realize that they are not cut out to run their own companies, because they no longer face the question of how to survive the epidemic but also how to continue their business in a changed world.

Some may have decided to hand over their business to their children, sell or even shut down their company.

Most business owners will have to face the fact that business will be different, at least for a while, and that things cannot simply go back to what they were six months ago. The economy has suffered a blow, as many people have decided to be more prudent.

Meanwhile, the companies that continued throughout the lockdown have already adapted to a certain degree, with the author of the commentary expressing hope that videoconference meetings will become a new norm.

She also welcomes the fact that a number of businesses started selling online, a positive step, considering that only retail has been growing consistently.


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