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Employers happy with government support so far


The joint statement was signed by the heads of the Employers' Association, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Chamber of Trade Crafts and Small Business, Chamber of Commerce, and the Association of Employers in Craft and Small Business of Slovenia.

The group said the measures from the first and second coronavirus stimulus packages had been well thought through. The number of companies and sole traders which made use of them shows that they were timely and met the needs of businesses, they argue.

Businesses expect the government to continue to cooperate with employer associations and chambers on the third package of measures aimed at removing the obstacles for business created by the epidemic.

The government had the first measures to help the economy ready in March, and the first major stimulus package worth over EUR 2 billion has been in force since 11 April.

At the end of April, the National Assembly passed the second package, introducing state guarantees for company loans among other measures, while the government is currently working on the third package, which is expected to focus on the tourism sector.


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