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Chamber with several proposals for third coronavirus package


The OZS would like more liquidity aid for small companies and sole proprietors, and a lower VAT for services in tourism and some other lines of small business.

It would also like a solution to rent payment when a private business rents a place from a private owner after the government has recently helped those renting from the state.

The OZS would moreover like the government to ease layoff conditions, and introduce measures to kick-start the construction sector.

The third package of measures is to focus on tourism as the most severely affected industry. But the OZS belives some other industries should also be helped, such as coach transport, hospitality, tourist guides, event management, spas and wellness centres, as they have also been severely affected.

OZS president Branko Meh believes small and medium-sized companies are the backbone of the Slovenian economy, which is why it is so important to help them in time with the right measures.

"It is now time to include in the third anti-coronavirus package what we missed in the first two packages," he was quoted in Tuesday's press release.


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