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Three karst tourist sights join forces to attract more visitors


The package of tickets for all three sights will now come with a 25% instead of a 15% discount. "The four-year period behind us was successful," said Janko Boštjančič, the head of the Park of Military History, adding that cooperation among tourist players would be crucial for reviving the tourism sector.

"This crisis too opens new possibilities, offers new opportunities, so even with the new coronavirus epidemic hope dies last," he said.

All three public institutes are open again, and after a slow start, visitor numbers are slowly picking up again.

The Škocjan Cave natural park reopened last Friday, when it welcomed only two visitors. But the next day, 70 people came, and 15 even on a rainy Monday, said the head of the park, Stojan Ščuka. "I think gradually the news will spread that we are open, and visits by Slovenian guests will again match those years ago," he said.

The Park of Military History has been seeing a few dozen visitors on the weekends, and their number is not much different than before the crisis, but the problem is that group visits are not allowed, and that there will be no foreign tourists this summer, Boštjančič said.

The Lipica Stud Farm, home to the world-famous Lipizzaner Horses, is trying to attract guests with new products. "We want to make sure that those who come to Lipica feel, experience this area. This means they have the opportunity to go riding outside or take riding lessons, and our golf course too is seeing a very intensive revival."

Since their cooperation in the last four years of tourism boom in Slovenia pulled visitor numbers up significantly, the three public institutes would like to expand cooperation in the future by joining forces with other providers of tourist and other services.


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