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Govt decision on epidemic purely financial, confusing people


The Left pointed out that PM Janez Janša had been speaking about the epidemic probably ending on 31 May only at Thursday's session of parliament, but then the government decided in the evening to end it over night.

Pointing out the government had added the "decree became valid on 15 May ... while it only begins to be used on 31 May", the Left spoke of "confusing messages that make it impossible for people to know whether the epidemic is over or not".

The Left noted the decree, adopted just before midnight, had merely been about preventing aid measures being extended into June - they were originally envisaged until then but only on condition the epidemic ends by 15 May.

The party feels such lack of planning does not bode well for the coming months, while it also expressed concern about how those left without work or income will survive in June.

SAB head Alenka Bratušek also spoke of a "financial decree" that terminates most of the aid measures on 1 June, while she also believes it could be questionable in terms of expertise.

"Experts were warning against rushing with declaring the epidemic over, since the medical epidemic will be present for some time. The virus has not yet been eradicated," the Alenka Bratušek Party wrote, expressing the belief this had been a solo operation by Janša.

The SAB is confused what this means for the protection measures and has called for a session of the parliamentary Health Committee at which the government will be asked to present the medical grounds for its decision.

Former PM Marjan Šarec also did not mince his words, saying the government was shifting "from one extreme to the other ... without any preparation, simply over night".

"And simply at a correspondence session. There is no middle path, only extremes," the head of the LMŠ wrote, while highlighting warnings by Bojana Beović, the government's chief medical adviser for the coronavirus epidemic, that it was not yet time to behave in a too relaxed fashion.


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