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Slovenia advocates modernisation of education after Covid-19


The Slovenian Education Ministry noted in a press release after the session that, in light of the closure of schools due to the coronavirus pandemic, a majority of the member states had called for modernisation of the education system.

The ministers stressed the need to modernise and reorganise education systems and to take new approaches in teaching, as well as to establish close connections with the healthcare system. They agreed that remote learning cannot replace learning in person, especially when it comes to new substance.

Slovenia's Education Ministry State Secretary Damir Orehovec announced at the session long-term strategic guidelines regarding the accessibility of remote learning with an emphasis on safe, stimulative and inclusive educational environment.

When it comes to mobility, Slovenia will advocate a positive approach to mobility in the future and will support virtual mobility, which however cannot replace physical activity.

Nevertheless, it is important to invest in quality virtual mobility projects, Orehovec said, adding that Slovenia proposed that the European Commission establish additional platforms and IT tools to enable virtual mobility in all fields.

The ministry added that Slovenia's position was that a full effort should be invested in addressing the issues faced by national agencies and beneficiaries of Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps programmes.

The EU ministers also pointed to the need to simplify enrolment procedures and make them more flexible when it comes to transition to higher education, also for international students.

They agreed that more funds should be invested in education, and that this field also needs to be addressed in the European recovery plan and the reviewing of the multi-year EU budget, the Slovenian ministry said.


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