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Public broadcaster praised for doing good job during epidemic


RTV Slovenija director general Igor Kadunc told the council that the crisis had emphasised the importance of national radio and television.

He noted that the programme scheme and operating plans had to be changed over night, necessitating quick and far-reaching staffing and organisational changes.

Kadunc estimated the impact of the epidemic on RTV Slovenija's operations in the first half of the year, saying that the largest drop in revenue was expected in advertising, by EUR 2.9 million or 39% compared to the financial plan.

The sum of all external operating revenue is expected to fall short from the six-month plan by EUR 3.4 million or 5.6%.

The epidemic has also brought some savings due to the changed programme and suspension of some projects, so the bottom line at the end of the first half is expected to be only EUR 1.3 million below the plan.

"We have assessed that the annual revenue will be down by EUR 4.5 million compared to the plan," Kadunc said, announcing a supplementary budget by 10 July, including a new financial and a programme and production plan.

In the ensuing debate, a majority of the council members said that RTV Slovenija had quickly adapted to the epidemic and had effectively done their job. Some of them expressed concern about the significant drop in revenue brought by the epidemic.


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