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Automobile association supports E-toll stickers


E-tolling has numerous benefits for drivers as well as the motorway operator, the association said after the Infrastructure Ministry proposed e-toll stickers last week.

The introduction of electronic toll stickers would cut the motorway operator's costs, which should result in lower prices, and monitoring the tolling system could be more efficient, said AMZS secretary-general Jure Kostanjšek.

The AMZS also sees many benefits for the users. The toll stickers that are currently in use can be quite inconvenient since they are hard to remove. Sometimes the stickers are left on the windscreen even after they expire, thus reducing visibility, said Kostanjšk, adding that e-stickers would be also more eco-friendly.

The AMZS has pointed out that the e-tolling system must not enable vehicle tracking, instead it should protect users' privacy as well as deter drivers from evading responsibility for any violations.

The association also proposes a transition period in which both types of stickers would be used.

Infrastructure Minister Jernej Vrtovec announced last Saturday that the ministry and the national motorway company DARS were working on a bill needed to introduce electronic motorway toll stickers for personal vehicles on 1 December 2021.


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