The Slovenia Times

Finance critical of tourism vouchers


"One can be seated behind the wheel of Hamilton's racing car, but that is not enough to win a Formula 1 race," says the commentary under the headline Tourism is People, But.

Austria has implemented a number of measures to buoy tourism, including loans and aid for tourism workers but also more personalised ways of helping, such as culinary vouchers given by the city of Vienna to its citizens.

Vienna households have received physical vouchers not only as a stimulus measure for the city's cafes and restaurants but also as an expression of trust and gratitude by the city authorities that trust the citizens will use the vouchers well and are grateful for people heeding lockdown restrictions.

Meanwhile, Slovenia has seen heated debates about its own planned tourism vouchers. The measure will involve only vouchers for accommodation facilities with many highlighting that tourism is more than just that.

Moreover, the vouchers will be available only in e-form and could only be spent on a single occasion. Finance points out that the measure does not evoke the same trust and gratitude the Vienna effort does.


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