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State bodies increasingly unresponsive, report shows


The Information Commissioner processed 540 complaints in 2019, of which 305 were related to access to public information being denied.

As many as 235 complaints were meanwhile related to institutions' unresponsiveness, or silence, to provide the required piece of information.

The report, filed to parliament on Monday, shows the most unresponsive is the state administration, foremost ministries and institutions under their jurisdiction - as many as 29% of all "silence" complaints were filed against them.

The Information Commissioner believes that 16 years after the freedom of information act took effect, these institutions should be able to process all requests.

The most frequent reason for the unresponsiveness is that the institutions do not start processing requests early enough.

As for the other area under the Information Commissioner's jurisdiction - personal data and privacy protection, the report shows a major rise in violations.

The commission for instance received 181 complaints by individuals for being denied access to their own personal data and to their medical records, up 71% from 2018.

The steep rise shows that a number of institutions managing personal data do not meet their obligations, denying individuals the rights they are guaranteed by law.

The report also says the Information Commissioner provided advice on personal data protection to almost 3,300 individuals and legal entities, made over 1,260 written opinions and answered over 2,020 phone calls.

It sent the report to the National Assembly exactly two years after the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) took effect, noting that Slovenia had not yet adopted all the necessary laws to implement it.

"The Slovenian legislator should take care that Slovenia does not make it to the list of countries in which powers of the oversight body are not properly regulated," said the commissioner.


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