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Opposition files bill to thwart paramilitary activities


The proposals submitted by the Social Democrats (SD), Marjan šarec List (LMŠ) and Alenka Bratušek Party (SAB) are the same as those filed by the previous minority government under their guide, but which were defeated in parliament shortly before the change of government in March.

The only difference is that this time around the amendments to the protection of public order act and amendments to the state border control act include safeguards to protect the status of hunters, firefighters, security services and Civil Protection.

The amendments seek to ban any conduct by an individual or group conducted with the intention of controlling the border in the same or similar way as conducted by police in controlling the border.

They would outlaw activities that impede the police in conducting border surveillance, and fine the carrying, display or use of decorative weapons, imitation weapons, signalling weapons or other objects that look like weapons, in a way as to make it look as if police or army members perform their duties.

Under the threat of heavy fines, the amendments would also ban the wearing of camouflage clothing or uniforms, the use of symbols, insignia or flags with the intention of creating the impression of official persons or hierarchically organised formations, except when this is done for artistic, historical, commercial or similar purposes.

The proposal was drawn up by the SD after several members of the self-styled home guard calling themselves Štajerska Guard visited the Slovenska Bistrica police station to demand explanations over police activities pertaining to the owner of a plot where the group held its camp.

SD deputy Predrag Baković said the event was extremely problematic and deserved condemnation, noting past events of its kind, including militia line-ups, replica weapons trainings and even members of the Štajerska Guard making a visit to the Presidential Palace during a public event.

"This also serves to show the developments are problematic and are escalating. We can only guess what comes next. It may be entering a weapons depot," said the deputy, who also criticised the government's response to the latest incident.

Similar comments were made by members of the LMŠ and SAB at a news conference today as they presented the amendments, calling on the current ruling coalition to back them.


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