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With most chairlifts operating for over 120 days, last year's ski season was one of the longest in recent memory and the scene is set for another great year ahead. Improved facilities coupled with more than a little help from Mother Nature, have resulted in one record year after another recently. Kranjska Gora, Krvavec, Rogla, Cerkno, Pohorje, Kanin, Vogel and others are already in full swing as the 2006/07 season is about to begin in a few days. Kranjska Gora Superbly located in the north-western corner of the upper Gorenjska region and close to the borders with Italy and Austria, this is probably the most fashionable Slovenian ski resort. The arrival of the tourist giant HIT has been a big boost to the development of the entire region, so you better keep an ear to the ground in order not to miss any of the upcoming events. The opening and closing days are among the most festive days of the season. This year, the second weekend in December (8th - 10th) is to be the official start of the season, while snowmaking will begin some two weeks earlier. A one-day ticket will cost EUR 28, morning skiing will be EUR 5 cheaper. Prices are progressively reduced every hour after 11 o'clock - EUR 26 after 11 a.m., EUR 17 after 2 p.m., etc. and one-day tickets for seniors and students range between EUR 15 and EUR 23. Hotel guests are also entitled to a discount ( Krvavec The last two ski seasons have kicked off at the end of November, with a little help from artificial snow, of course. According to Luka Vrancic, Krvavec is working hard to be the first resort operational again this year. Their snowmaking machines cover 95% of the ski field, so the only thing they need is the right temperatures. At an altitude of 1459 to 1971 metres, that is unlikely to be a problem. A one-day ticket will cost EUR 25 and half-day tickets cost EUR 21.50 (morning) and EUR 20.50 (afternoon). Up until 15th December there is also a 9% discount, skiing on Mondays will save you 10%, while celebrating your birthday on the slopes will save you 50%. There are also discounts for families, senior citizens and students and the tickets are also valid for Rogla as the two resorts are owned by the same company ( Rogla This resort in the eastern part of the country, on the Pohorje range, has been acclaimed as Slovenia's best ski resort on a number of occasions. Besides modern lifts, it features some of the best catering and accommodation facilities to be found on Slovenia's slopes. Like Krvavec, the resort's operators are planning to open the season at the end of November; subject to temperatures, of course. However, being a bit lower than Krvavec, they may find that their sibling beats them to the punch. Ticket prices are the same as for Krvavec (see above) ( Cerkno The resort has invested massively over the past decade or so and it now boasts first class facilities. Experience has shown that 20th November is usually the best date to start their machines. The official opening is scheduled for some time between 10th and 15th December. A one-day ticket will cost EUR 24.50, a half-day ticket EUR 21.50, while a one-week ticket will cost you EUR 122. Special rates apply to students, senior citizens and hotel guests ( Mariborsko Pohorje Sitting directly above the outskirts of Maribor, this is the biggest resort in eastern Slovenia. While its slopes may not have the altitude of some of its western counterparts (only between 327 and 1327 metres), its excellent facilities guarantee at least 100 days skiing and the season on the upper slopes can stretch well into spring. In the high season (after 22nd December), one-day tickets cost EUR 26. As in Kranjska Gora, skiing becomes progressively cheaper every hour after 11 a.m. (from EUR 24 down to EUR 18). Special rates apply to hotel guests ( Kanin This is one of few resorts without snowmaking facilities and it is, therefore, impossible to predict when the resort will open. However, lack of snow is rarely a problem and last year it was up to 4 metres deep. The most popular tickets will cost EUR 21 (a one-day ticket) and EUR 17.50 (after 12 o'clock). Discounts apply to seniors, students and families. You can also buy 5-, 6- and 7-day tickets that are valid in Sella Nevea (Italy ) and Arnoldstein (Austria) as well ( Vogel Nestled among the mountains above Bohinj, this is one of the country's most spectacular resorts and only accessible by cable car. It is also without snowmaking facilities; but given the abundance of natural snow, it doesn't need them. The beginning of the season is, therefore, left to the mercy of Mother Nature. Ticket prices: EUR 22 (one day), EUR 17 (half day). Vogel is a snowboarders' paradise and they only pay EUR 15.50 for a full day and EUR 12 for half a day ( "Joza run it, we're ready" were the only words uttered in a short eighties TV commercial that relied heavily on a few lovely early morning shots of Krvavec before the chairlifts started. For some mysterious reason, this totally innocuous expression became one of Slovenia's best-known advertising slogans. So Joza... we're ready!


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