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Trekking Amongst Churches and Country Manors



Cerklje is only a 20-minute drive on the motorway from Ljubljana, 15 minutes from Kranj and 5 minutes from Slovenia's main international airport. And there are many reasons to rush over to visit. Once you reach the town of Cerklje, you can choose which best suits your interests. Heritage Explorers It's difficult to choose among the many churches and other historical buildings. The community also boasts no less than twelve medieval manors. However the only one that has been preserved in all its former glory is castle Strmol, which is also one of the oldest. The castle can be found off the road that connects the villages of Cesnjevek and Dvorje. The pond in front of the castle once created an obstacle to potential invaders. The first records mentioning the castle's existence date back to the 13th century. Today the castle serves mostly as a place to hold high-level government meetings. It is a grand place indeed. The castle's facilities can be rented out to anyone who wants to experience the magic of staying in castle chambers. However, lodging at the castle may not be your cheapest option. If you continue on towards the strangely named village of Adergas you will inevitably notice Velesovo Monastery. It is not far from Strmol and the route there can make for a lovely walk. Velesovo was the first female Dominican monastery, established in 1238 by the Patriarchs of Aquleia. The monastery has had a rich but sometimes difficult history. The preserved eastern part nowadays hosts a school and a presbytery. These two sights are just two of the many unique historical places in Cerklje. If you want to dig deeper into the richness of Cerklje's history it probably won't be a problem for you to find a local source, so let's move on to a more contemporary aspect of the area. Walking and Cycling for Everyone Both the plains and the heights of the Cerklje area offer unique environments for walkers and mountaineers, for family bicycle trips and steep mountain bike runs. A popular path, which takes around a hour of easy walking, leads from Adergas to Stefanja Gora. You could also try the Zalog to Senturska Gora trail. If you are tired of walking you could visit one of the stud farms and rent yourself a horse. Krvavec in the summer Krvavec is a lively place even in the summer. Cycling and mountain biking along a relatively new road to the villages below Kravavec are among the most popular activities, which also include paragliding, hiking, herb picking and enjoying traditional food. There is a marked trail around Krvavec. An archaeological site and a chapel, designed by the famous Slovenian architect Joze Plecnik, are among the top attractions along the trail. It is certainly worth taking a break to see. Krvavec can be also reached by a cable car. In winter it whisks skiers to their favoured slopes, in summer it can also take you up above the foggy Ljubljana basin. Krvavec is truly amazing because on cloudless days it offers sunbathing with a magnificent view of central Slovenia. For that reason it is often referred to as "the beach". Bon Appetit & See You Soon! Needless to say, any good day trip should end with a good meal. Since the area is full of restaurants along the road that links Ljubljana to Cerklje, Krvavec and other villages it is just a matter of picking one. Making a recommendation would be unfair to the others so all we can say is just to follow your instincts in picking a restaurant you like the look of where you can order something delicious. As always it is worth asking the waiter or the chef for their recommendation.


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