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President marks Primož Trubar Day


The president pointed out that Trubar was the founder of the Slovenian language, "the most fundamental feature, identity of every nation, in particular the emerging nation".

Moreover, he was glad that the palace reopened after the coronavirus epidemic on that specific day, wishing everyone successful and safe days to come.

The event was also attended by Matjaž Gruden, the head of the KUD Primož Trubar association from Velike Lašče, the area from where Trubar hailed. Gruden called on Slovenians to recall positive and basic values of the Slovenian Protestant Reformation, including individual's responsibility, pursuit of education and critical thinking.

He also highlighted that the state should put more effort in preserving the legacy of the Reformation. Trubar's works have been published, but only a few are available as physical books, most are e-books. Moreover, those translated in the contemporary Slovenian language are rare, which makes the oeuvre, generally speaking, obscure, he said.

The initiative for the holiday was given by acclaimed author Boris Pahor in 2008 when the 500th anniversary of Trubar's birth was celebrated. The Reformer was presumably born on 8 June.

Tourism Ljubljana will also mark Primož Trubar Day by organising special literary-themed tours of the capital.


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