The Slovenia Times

Vouchers could make tourism more friendly to Slovenian tourists, paper says


They will enable people to afford a holiday more easily or to afford it at all, given that their purchasing power has been affected by the epidemic.

The newspaper says that Slovenians often spend their holidays in Croatia instead of at home also because they feel overlooked at home.

It says under the headline Welcome, Slovenian Tourists! that tourism offerings but especially prices are tailored to the more desired tourists from abroad who spend more.

Vouchers are now an opportunity for tourism firms to show a greater degree of hospitality and come up with attractive offering for Slovenian tourists.

The paper says the EUR 345 million the government is to allocate for tourism through vouchers and another EUR 150 million in additional consumption is a lot of money.

But some dilemmas remain - since tourism is not just bed and breakfast, not all tourist services providers will be in an equal position.

It thus remains to be seen whether this is enough to bring about enough multiplicative effects to justify putting tourism firms in a different position.

The other issue is (a lack of) dispersion. There being no limits to when and where the vouchers can be used will probably lead to a high concentration of tourists in certain places, especially in spas and on the coast.

As a result, the towns which usually get the majority of foreign tourists, such as Ljubljana, Bled and Postojna, and create the most multiplication effects, will not benefit much from the vouchers.


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