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On the 3rd of December, Slovenes celebrate the birth of our greatest poet, France Preseren, the author of our national anthem - Zdravljica. In order to encourage people to visit museums - at least once a year - Slovene museums offer free entrance to all visitors all day. Take your best friend or your family and discover what Slovenian museums have to offer. Museum lovers should check out, which features a listing of museums around Slovenia. What Changes the World? If fossils catch your fancy, head to the Prirodoslovni muzej Slovenije (Slovenian Museum of Natural History) in Ljubljana to check out the world's oldest fossil sea horses or to see the "What Changes the World?" interactive exhibition. A range of interactive presentations will show you how volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, sun, wind, water and living beings constantly change our planet. You will be able to feel for yourself the destructive power of earthquakes, check out the effects of acid rain, learn about interesting animal adaptations and much more. The Shadows of History Illuminated The extensive exhibition "Encountering China" at the Slovenski etnografski muzej (Slovenian Ethnographic Museum) in Ljubljana displays around three hundred items from the Chinese collections of the Slovenian Ethnographic Museum, twelve other Slovenian museums and several private collectors and provides an interesting way to discover the Slovene - Chinese connection. If you want to explore how Slovenia secured its independence without getting entangled in a bloody war, check out the "United in Victory" exhibition at the Muzej novejse zgodovine Slovenije (National Museum of Contemporary History). It shows the turning points with photographs, posters, documents, selected caricatures, archival TV and film footage, the new country's state symbols, bank notes, postage stamps, and more. The Many Faces of Art At Narodni muzej Slovenije (National Museum of Slovenia) in Ljubljana, there is an unusual exhibition by the Swedish-based Slovenian artist Joze Strazar, who uses various techniques and materials to create medals, plaques, acrylic paintings, and prints. Also exhibited are works by his Japanese wife Sumiko Kiyohara, who creates poetic paintings that mix elements of Eastern and Western art by using subtle colour shades. The museum's other collections illuminate Slovenian cultural heritage through the use of modern technology. Its Archaeological Department is the oldest specialized museum department in Slovenia with around 63,000 objects from all archaeological periods. The Experiments of Nikola Tesla Are you the technical type? The Museum of Post and Telecommunications in Skofja Loka provides an insight into how the development of telephony and telegraphy helped create new employment opportunities for women. Another interesting place to go is Tehniski muzej Slovenije (Technical Museum of Slovenia) in Bistra near Vrhnika, which shows how the industrial transition took place in the Slovenian textile industry, and also various printing machines and art drawings of industrial environments by students at the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana. The exhibition "Carts on Their Way" features peasant cart miniatures from the Slovenian master handicraftsman Janko Samsa, ranging from the oldest cart, found in the Ljubljana Marshes, to the carts used until recently. If electrical experiments dazzle your imagination, come at 4 pm when you will be able to see a very interesting demonstration of the museum's electrical department: the experiments of Nikola Tesla done on the still functioning exhibits.


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