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Vast majority for shop closure on Sundays, shows poll


Some 8% are not in favour of closure of stores on Sundays, whereas almost 5% did not weigh in on the issue. Almost 20% shop on Sundays.

Asked why they support the ban, the most common response was that there was enough opportunities for shopping on other days (nearly 38%).

The respondents also said that those working in stores would thus have more free time (some 35%), that the Sunday ban would have a positive impact on family life (23%) and that the closure would boost socialising outside shopping centres (4%).

On the other hand, those not in favour of the ban said that the Sunday closure would jeopardise people's social security (35%), highlighted the importance of being able to chose when to shop (21%), said that the ban would restrict the freedom of enterprise (18%) or that they did not have time for shopping during the rest of the week (18%).

The survey was conducted by pollster Ninamedia between 9 and 11 June among 700 respondents.


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