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Karniar to Wrap Up "Seven Summits" Project



Karniar and his team set out for the southernmost continent's highest mountain on 16th November and plan to return on 11th December. The ascent of Vinson Massif is considered extremely challenging, both from a financial viewpoint as well as because of the grueling conditions, including the fact that day on the icy continent lasts a full 24 hours. "The time has come to bring the project to the end and make Slovenia the first country in the world to ski down the highest mountains of all continents. We have trained really hard for this final step," the 44-year-old Karniar from Jezersko said, adding that the right now the weather conditions are the only serious unknown causing headaches to the team. After the uninterrupted descent on skis from Mt. Everest in October 2000, Karniar completed the descent of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa (5,894 m) in 2001. This was followed by Europe's Mt. Elbrus (5,642 m) in 2002, South America's Aconcagua (6,969 m) and Australia's Mt. Kosciusko (2,230 m) in 2003 and the highest North American mountain, Mt. McKinley (6,193 m), in 2004. To follow the latest developments, log on website. (STA)


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