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Latest Covid-19 measures packed into new legislative proposal


The bill, which the government submitted to parliament to be passed in an emergency procedure, amends temporary measures to mitigate and tackle the consequences of the epidemic in several areas.

One of those is establishing a contact-tracing app that will notify the user on potential contacts with infected or quarantined persons.

The download and use of app will be free and voluntary except for persons testing positive for the novel coronavirus and ordered into quarantine, for whom the app will be mandatory.

The app will notify the user of the risk of infection because they have been in proximity of another user of the same app who tested positive or has been placed under quarantine.

The app shall not make it possible to identify the user, or collect data on their location or other personal data, which means the app will not involve processing of personal data, reads the release issued by the government after last night's session.

The bill adopted by the government also seeks to extend the furlough scheme until 31 July with a provision that the government may decree an extension of the measure up to two times but not beyond 30 September.

In addition to claiming a government subsidy for furloughed staff, employers will also be able to claim compensation for pay for quarantined staff when they cannot work from home.

The amount of pay for quarantined workers will depend on the reason they were placed into mandatory quarantine.

When this was a preventive measure upon arrival from a red-listed country, the force majeure clause in the employment relationship act will apply, while for workers ordered to self-isolate due to a contact with an infected person the clause of temporary incapacity to provide work will apply.

The bill also provides for the financing of additional staff in social care, or care homes, with a detailed methodology for the assessment of the staffing needs and allocation of funds to be passed by the government within a month from the law taking effect.

The bill replaces amendments to the third stimulus package that the government adopted last Wednesday in order to tackle a procedural issue after the opposition Marjan Šarec List (LMŠ) has tabled its amendments, which would have to be discussed by the National Assembly first.

The government discussed the latest increase in infections in Slovenia and the region last night and may announce potential new measures with that regard at today's news conference.


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