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Bar Hopping, Dance Parties and Other Late Night Stories



"Happy December" makes Ljubljana's night life sizzle and snap - as merry residents and visitors, intoxicated by the dazzling lights and various rejuvenating concoctions on offer, stagger and stumble from one drinking spot to the next. The month of December successfully disproves the tourist clich' that Ljubljana is only worth visiting during the summer. Take for example a young person, who wishes to meet fellow youths for some clubbing debauchery - during the summer months this is virtually impossible because all the clubs are closed. In December, however, the bars in the Ljubljana Old Town are allowed longer licensing hours, and bar hopping is bound to reach the limits of what is humanly possible. The Itzy-Glitzy-Please-Be-Ritzy Zone The Bachus Lounge Club at Kongresni trg (square) and the Global Club at Tomsiceva ulica 2 are the clubs of choice for the wanna-be glitzy clubbers who dream of one day becoming Ljubljana's jet set. Attracting a large crowd most nights of the week, they play popular music like R&B, vocal house and pop, and host fashion shows and other social events. Global is a big discotheque with great views over the town and pretty girls around every corner - the go-go dancers, the smiling girls on the dance floor and the party hostesses who serve refreshments throughout the night. A lively, yet not quite so panoramic, ambience awaits you at the biggest discotheque in Ljubljana, the Fun Factory at the Rudnik shopping center (the best way to get there is by taxi). Lounging Tres Chic Caf' Galerija at Mestni trg 5 is one of the most beautiful bars in town - decorated in the oriental style with baldachins, tons of pillows arranged on comfy sofas, antique tables and lights, it operates as a bar with house music DJs in the evening, and serves excellent coffee and cocktails. Caf' Romeo is located nearby - during the daytime, it operates as a charming (and delicious) Mexican and crepes restaurant, but in the evening it turns into a lively bar with house, chill out and lounge music and excellent cocktails on the menu. A similar bar with a superb a la carte restaurant and four separate sections, Casa Del Papa is the place to be for lovers of Latin music and excellent cocktails. Joe Pena's in the centre of town is a quality Mexican restaurant that turns into a lively (and smoky) bar in the evening, with an enticing selection of deadly margaritas. The Next Miles Davis and All That Jazz Jazz Gajo Club at Beethovnova is one of the very few 100% proof jazz places in the country. As smoky as a jazz bar is supposed to be, it regularly hosts jam sessions with renowned foreign and local jazz musicians. Anyone who wishes - and knows how! - to play jazz is welcome to perform on their small stage. Excuse Me, Honey - Where's the Party? Klub K4 at Kersnikova 4 is the only proper student club in town, a club that has in its 18 years of existence hosted countless unforgettable nights with hundreds of alternative musicians and their followers. If you like modern electronic music in all its forms, unusual fashion shows and performances, a raunchy party atmosphere, and reasonable drink prices in a modern locale, this is the place to go. On December 15th, they will host the electro-disco-house-funk-punk attraction "Chicken Lips" from the UK with stunning visuals by Croatian graphic design maestros Zvuk Broda. A week later, the Intosomething crew is organising "Balkan Soul" - an evening of similar music . The party will present some prominent DJs (three of whom are women) from the countries of the former Yugoslavia on one floor, and a very crazy take on 80's music on the other. Do not come close if you are uncomfortable with full-on, 18+ party goers who have no problem partying from Friday to Monday. Turn Left For the Alternative Nation KUD France Preseren at Karunova 14 in the Trnovo area has been offering a home to liberal thinkers, artists and their friends since 1919. Hosting a rich cultural program with concerts, theatre performances, puppetry shows and other interesting events, the club also serves as a pleasant, non-pretentious meeting place. AKC Metelkova mesto is the centre of alternative culture in Ljubljana. It has survived many clashes between opposing political and economic interests, and now stands proud with its rich cultural and educational program (in terms of quantity, it is the second biggest cultural centre in Ljubljana). It is a meeting place for all the "alternative thinkers" in town: the artists, the intellectuals, the activists and other interesting misfits. Always pleasantly chaotic, you never know how a night spent there will end. If you're still looking for something different, try the Orto bar at Grabloviceva 1, the lonesome cowboy of the Ljubljana rock scene. This bar stubbornly resists modern trends by honouring the wearers of classic leather biker jackets and frequently hosting rock, punk and metal concerts by local and foreign bands.


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