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Slovenia preserves 12th ranking in Agenda 2030 implementation


This year's report, published at the end of June by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network under the wings of the UN and the Bertelsmann Stiftung foundation, puts Sweden, Denmark and Ireland in the first three spots.

Among the 17 goals, Slovenia is marked best when it comes to the first goal, the eradication of extreme forms of poverty, and goal 16, the guaranteeing of peace, justice, and strong institutions.

The biggest outstanding challenges for Slovenia, according to the report, concern measures targeting the eradication of poverty, securing sustainable ways of production and consumption, as well as measure against climate change and the preservation of the sea and its resources.

Meanwhile, the report, which also stresses the coronacrisis has negatively affected most sustainable development indicators in all countries, ranks Slovenia seventh when it comes to the management of the Covid-19 pandemic by mid-May. The top three spots went to South Korea, Latvia and Australia.


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