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Janša asks interior minister to reconsider resignation


In an interview, to be run in full length in the late night news show Odmevi, Janša said he had not yet opened Hojs's resignation letter. He would open it unless Hojs changed his mind, but only after he had a replacement for him.

Speculation about Hojs's status following his 30 June resignation arose after the prime minister failed to formally notify the National Assembly on the resignation on time.

Hojs would not comment on his potential staying on beyond saying that the situation was in the hands of Prime Minister Janša.

Hojs resigned after police conducted a series of searches in connection to alleged wrongdoing in the purchasing of medical equipment needed to fight the Covid-19 epidemic, including at the home and offices of Economy Minister Zdravko Počivalšek, who was detained for the duration of the search.

Hojs labelled the investigation politically-motivated, assuming his "political responsibility" by tendering his irrevocable resignation, which he at the time said Janša had accepted.


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