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Almost 22 million tonnes of goods transported by train in 2019


Regarding the type of cargo carried by train, most was so-called other goods or unidentifiable goods in containers and a mixture of cargo types (36% if expressed in tonnes or some 41% if expressed in tonne-kilometres).

The second most carried type of goods was mining and quarrying goods (some 19% or 17%, respectively), followed by coal, gas, oil and derivates (18% when expressed in tonnes or 17% when expressed in tonne-kilometres).

Moreover, more than 1.7 million tonnes of dangerous goods were carried by train in 2019, 5% down compared to 2018. Flammable liquids remained the bulk of such cargo (91%).

Slovenia's railway network consists of 1,209 kilometres of railway lines, including 330 kilometres of double tracks and 610 kilometres of electrified lines.


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