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Local SME sailing on a global corporate cloud


Imagine is a Slovenian company that was established 20 years ago by Matej & Toma┼ż Leskovar - two brothers with a vision to provide software solutions that would make company operations more efficient and transparent. Imagine, an Oracle Gold Partner, took a bold move in 2019, moving not only their products but also their business to Oracle Cloud. This encouraged Oracle to engage with Imagine in a global partnership to jointly market their services through the Oracle corporate network.

What are the main services offered by Imagine?

Next to the classical ERP solutions and some other specialized products (e.g. sporting competition software), we specialize in developing software products for Real Estate Management. We develop comprehensive solutions for companies and funds managing real estate portfolios. Our solutions provide clients with a transparent overview of portfolio information for efficient operations of their properties. More than 80% of multi-unit buildings in Slovenia are managed by the Imagine facility management software. We are very proud of our newest product, iNep - asset management solution, a web-based software for professional asset management companies and companies that are managing their own buildings and other assets (banks, insurance companies, telecoms, municipalities, etc.). With iNep, companies have a comprehensive platform with a clear overview and powerful data analytics all in one place.

Why did you decide for the Cloud?

To modernize our products and offer to clients in a more efficient and faster way, we decided to move our services to the Cloud. It was hard at the beginning because our clients were uncertain about the information storage as they were used to having data stored on their own computers or servers. However, after experiencing the efficiency and safety of operations, our clients are now seeking other services they would like to use in the Cloud. On-boarding of a client to the Cloud is actually very simple. After implementation, the client receives a link, passwords, and then they are ready to roll. The web software, with cloud storage, is safe to use, it enables transparency and it is faster because the implementation time is a lot shorter when compared to desktop software. The client can access their tools and documents from anywhere and does not need any IT infrastructure or archives of its own because Imagine takes care of all of that. The best proof has been in this time of the COVID-19 crisis when business has had to close, many clients have commented that the Cloud has fortunately enabled their employees to easily work from home. Basically, web software running on the Cloud is more flexible, faster, cheaper and more efficient.

What is your experience engaging in a global partnership with Oracle?

Not only does Oracle provide help with their products, they also connect us with potential clients through the Oracle ecosystem. We are already present in the Balkan countries and Oracle is promoting us in the whole of the EMEA region. There are constantly activities and conferences we can attend to acquire additional knowledge and support in the development and sales of our products as well as Oracle products. Events include partner days, sales workshops, conferences, webinars etc. where we have opportunity to learn how to market our services and use the Oracle global sales network to access clients and different markets more quickly. I must say that we, at Imagine, are very enthusiastic to be a part of the Oracle ecosystem.

"Imagine is proof of how a company that is persistent, works hard and has the correct attitude towards their employees, clients and competition, can reap the benefits - not overnight, but in the long-run. Oracle Slovenia is proud to have Imagine in our partner network and we look forward to our future collaboration! "

Zoran Laban, Manager of Oracle Partner Network for Slovenia and Croatia


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