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Slovenia sees 14 new infections for second day running


The national case count has thus increased to 2,115, out of which 237 remain active, according to the Covid-19 tracker site

Four more patients with Covid-19 were admitted to hospital yesterday, increasing the number of hospitalisations to 21. Four are in intensive care, one more than the day before.

Two of the latest cases were recorded in the Hrastnik care home, which now has 40 actively infected among its residents and ten among the staff, as more tests are being performed today, the Hrastnik municipality announced.

Twelve more municipalities saw one new case each yesterday.

Meanwhile, the Ljubljana community health centre said a physiotherapist employed in its Ĺ entvid unit tested positive for the virus on Sunday.

The workmates she had been in contact with have been ordered to self-isolate and the patients she had been in contact with had been told to monitor their health condition as the physiotherapist carried personal protective equipment in her contact with the patients.

The physiotherapist did not show any symptoms when she tested positive. She caught the virus in her home environment, said the health centre.

No new fatalities have been reported for Tuesday with the death toll unchanged at 117.


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