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Court stays early dismissal of RTV Slovenija supervisors


On 16 April, the government dismissed Matjaž Medved, Irena Ostrouška and Petra Majer and replaced them with Borut Rončević, Anton Tomažič and Drago Zadergal.

Medved was the one to bring legal action, seeking annulment of the government decision and a ban preventing the government from further interfering in the terms of the supervisory board's members.

The court has ruled to temporarily stay the government decision to ensure effective judicial protection of Medved's constitutional rights, which were allegedly infringed by the replacement.

The court's decision is valid until the final ruling, with the matter set to be resolved as soon as possible, said the court, adding that it decided to temporarily stay the replacements since administrative disputes usually lasted quite some time.

The case could wrap up as late as after the terms of Medved, Ostrouška and Majer expire on 26 January 2022, the court said.

The supervisory board convened for a session today, however the board's chair, having learnt of the court's decision, ended the meeting before the supervisors could attend to any of the agenda points.

Debate on several key issues, including RTV Slovenija's financial plan for 2020, has been thus postponed and the management expects the session to take place in late August pending the court's ruling.

The public broadcaster was notified of the developments right before the session, said RTV Slovenija, adding that it was not a party in these proceedings and would respect any ruling of the court.


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