The Slovenia Times

Finance urges less red tape in teleworking


A number of industrial and tech giants have enabled working from home, showing that the outcome is key and not the employee's presence on-site. In Slovenia, Bojana Beović, the government's chief Covid-19 advisor, has called on companies to include teleworking among safety measures.

Nevertheless, the situation is not yet rosy and there are numerous steps the employer has to perform before teleworking is given a go-ahead. Moreover, Slovenian bosses are "too obsessed oversight and micromanagement".

Such circumstances result in weaker productivity and increased chances of contagion. Efforts to cut relevant red tape should be stepped up and "teleworking should be more effectively regulated as a whole".

"Perhaps it would be smarter if we invested time and money in digital literacy training for personnel instead of teleworking performance and time records," says the commentary under the headline The Future of Work Slovenian Style, noting that the OECD has warned about the low level of digital skills among Slovenian employees.


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