The Slovenia Times

Delo says car industry in for changes


"One of the problems is that regardless of the changes that are happening, the sector is overblown (there are too many producers, they will have to merge) and the number of cars has probably reached the ceiling."

Another problem is transition to electric mobility, which means that cars will be less complex and fewer suppliers will be necessary. This is the segment where major changes can be expected, according to Delo.

The Volkswagen wiretapping scandal, which revealed talks on how to get rid of supplier group Prevent, a seat cover maker from Bosnia and Herzegovina, has shown that big producers exert pressure on suppliers.

When the situation stabilises again, the suppliers that will get through this difficult period in good shape because of state aid (development banks, shorter working time etc.) will have an advantage.

But when the worst is over, ruthless competition will kick in again. "Recovery will be long and painful, and it is probably safe to say that there will no longer be room for everyone," Delo says under the headline There Will Probably Not Be Room for Everyone.


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