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Chemistry Institute becomes partner to ILL in neutron research


Announcing the signing on Thursday, the Chemistry Institute said that as part of the partnership with the organisation based in Grenoble, France, it would assume scientific and administrative duties and coordinate the Slovenian scientific community in neutron research.

The membership in the ILL, which could be extended, brings numerous advantages for Slovenia, as the introduction of neutron scattering research opens up a "wide spectrum of the most modern analytical methods in chemistry and physics of materials and nano-materials, structural biology and nuclear physics".

According to the Chemistry Institute, the membership is also an opportunity for junior researchers to get further training and also expected is interest from Slovenian industrial companies, as neutron research enables studies of materials and active ingredients in pharmacy.

Funding for the cooperation will be fully provided by the Slovenian Research Agency as part of the relevant infrastructure programme of the Chemistry Institute.

"Since the cooperation with the ILL is funded with public funds, it will be open for other Slovenian users as well, despite the Chemistry Institute having a leading and key role," the press release adds.


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